Motion Control
Ableton Live

Use movement from one or more smartphones or smartwatches to control audio and MIDI in Ableton Live


Flowfal is a system to allow control of Ableton Live using motion from one or more Apple or Android phones or smartwatches. These devices, running the Flowfal App, send data to Ableton Live over a low latency WiFi link.

Inside Ableton Live the Flowfal data is received by a set of plug-ins that act on this movement data in different ways.

Control any Live parameter

A wide variety of movements can be mapped to any automatable Ableton Live parameter. For example, you might use the pitch angle of a device to control a filter frequency or the acceleration magnitude of a device to control track volume.

Control MIDI

Movement data can gate the MIDI input to a track. MIDI notes can be produced or transposed. MIDI Continuous Controller data can be sent to control external MIDI equipment.

Movement from Phones and Watches

Flowfal runs on iPhones, Android Phones and Android Wear Watches. While using movement from a phone is fine in a studio environment, for performances using a watch will allow you to control sounds without having to worry about holding on to a phone. Apple Watch support will be added shortly.

Sub 5ms Latency

Flowfal sends data in such a way that latencies of 5ms or less are achievable, even with inexpensive WiFi access points. This makes the system extremely responsive to user input. Settings on the Flowfal app allow you to measure the latency of your setup in real time.

Try out Flowfal today

You can try Flowfal for free for 30 days

Our Pricing

One Simple Plan

£30 / year

Approximately €35 or $38 / year

Install the Flowfal server on up to two computers

Unlimited Flowfal client devices

Why is it a subscription?

Unlike a lot of music software Flowfal is something we need to constantly maintain to keep it all running correctly. The Flowfal client apps need to be kept up to date with the latest phone and watch operating system updates. The Flowfal plugins need to be kept up to date with Ableton and Max updates. In addition we are always working on new plugins to add to the Flowfal system.

Why is it priced annually?

Due to the credit card processing costs pricing Flowfal on a monthly basis would have been prohibitively expensive - so an annual fee made the most sense.

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