Turn Motion Into Sound

Convert movement from a smartphone or watch into Ableton MIDI and Audio effects

About Flowfal

Flowfal is made of up an app running on a phone or smartwatch that sends data, via a server running on your laptop, to Ableton. Flowfal plugins in Ableton then allow you to use the movement data to create or modify audio. Flowfal is currently in beta testing with a few users. We hope to fully release it early in 2022.

Movement Sources

The Flowfal app running on an Android phone or smartwatch is used to send movement data to the system. Up to 8 devices can be supported at the same time.

MIDI events

Ableton plugins allow movement data to be converted into MIDI data to trigger a MIDI channel.

Audio events

Plugins also allow control over audio channels including the ability to map movement data to any Ableton parameter.

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