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Ableton Live Plugins

Flowfal uses Max For Live plugins to process the movement data received from the Flowfal Apps running on client devices. A number of different plugins are available to control different parts of Ableton Live in different ways.


This is the plugin that controls the whole of the Flowfal system.

Common Controls

Some of the controls are the same across most of the Flowfal plugins: these are covered in this section.


This plugin allows you to see what data is being sent to a given channel at any point.


This plugin maps movement to any automatable Live control.


This plugin allows movement to control the gain of the signal passing through it.


This plugin uses movement to gate MIDI notes being sent to.


This plugin uses movement to trigger the production of a MIDI note.


This plugin uses movement to select a MIDI note from a given range of notes.


This plugin uses movement to transpose MIDI notes.


This plugin uses movement to produce MIDI Continuous Controller (CC) data, normally to control an external synth.

Client Devices

Inputs to the Flowfal system come from phone and smartwatch client devices running the Flowfal App.

Phone and Smartwatch clients

A guide to the Phone and Watch versions of the Flowfal client App.

Lock To A Channel

For performances you may want to lock your Flowfal devices to a single channel.

WiFi router setup

How to set up a dedicated WiFi router for performances.


A set of tutorials are provided when you install Flowfal. These will take you through all of the things Flowfal can do in detail.

01 Intro

A general overview of Flowfal with three different sounds to control.

02 The Basics

How to add Flowfal to a new Ableton Set, and the add mapping movement to a Live parameter.

03 Acceleration And Rotation Inputs

How to use acceleration or rotation inputs in Flowfal plugins.

04 Attitude Inputs

How to use attitude (roll, pitch and yaw) inputs in Flowfal plugins.

05 FlowfalMaster

How to use the FlowfalMaster plugin to control the rest of the Flowfal system.

06 Mapping movement to parameters

How to use the FlowfalMap plugin to map a movement to any mappable Live parameter.

07 FlowfalInspector

How to use the FlowfalInspector plugin to see what movement data is being created by a given device.

08 Gating MIDI Notes

How to use the FlowfalMidiGate plugin to gate a stream of MIDI notes.

09 Controlling Track Volume

How to use the FlowfalGain plugin to control the volume of a track.

10 Producing MIDI Notes

How to use the FlowfalMidiNote plugin to produce MIDI notes with movement.

11 Transposing MIDI Notes

How to use the FlowfalTranspose plugin to transpose MIDI notes with movement.

12 Producing A Range Of MIDI Notes

How to use the FlowfalMidiNoteRange plugin to produce a MIDI notes from a range of notes.

13 Producing MIDI CC Messages

How to use the FlowfalMidiCc plugin to produce MIDI CC messages, normally to control an external synth.

14 Theremin

How to use the Flowfal to imitate a Theremin using two phones or watches, one for each hand.